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Cooking yummy meals and tasty food is the thought of every woman in the house nowadays cooking is not only restricted to the gender or home only. It was envisioned as a profession which eventually makes restaurants popular because of their signature chef dishes or specialty. But what makes the cooking feasible and timely this question pop-ups in mind after eating a satisfying meal and the answer is kitchen tools and supplies available in the kitchen. The main utensil required to prepare food is the cookware set which includes saucepan, frying pan, and cooking pan etc. Cookware sets in UAE have a huge collection because the high-quality sets are being imported also for the durability and robustness although the material in manufacturing commonly utilized is stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron and the newly introduced non-stick known as ceramic. Non-stick cookware sets taking over the market because of the advantages like these are scratch proof, double coated layers over metal, helpful during cooking because of the non-stick property which doesn’t let the food stick to the pan ultimately no stress over the food burn or to wash greasy pans. Additionally what has made non-stick popular is the consumption of less oil in the food as no need to put spoons of extra grease which indirectly ensures the health as well. The top brands of cookware sets in Dubai are Olympia, Royal Ford, Epsilon, Flamingo, Stanford and Blackstone, these all are available on Awok and can be conveniently ordered online including the variety of colors and number of pieces in the set. The other home and kitchen accessories like kitchen ware, kettles, dinner set and hotpot can be purchased through Awok as well.