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Networking & Wireless

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We can define a wireless network by a network that does not use cables for connectivity. Their use has provided enterprises with an advantage by limiting the cost process to connect wires to the buildings, or to connect to devices which are not present in the same location. They work on the phenomenon of radio waves. Wireless systems use these waves to maintain the connection between different computers, mobile phones, and other applications. One doesn’t need to understand the technical details behind the wireless protocols, just a basic understanding of configuring a network is sufficient.
Wireless networks provide a freedom of movement, and the extension of application to any part of a building or anywhere in the world. It provides convenience to people by giving access to their network resources, from any location within their wireless network’s coverage, using Wi-Fi hotspot or a router.
There are four main types of wireless networking systems.
Wireless LAN (Local Area Network): It helps users to access the internet in the local areas, like your university campus or library.
Wireless PAN (Personal Area Networks): It works on two current technologies- Infra-Red and Bluetooth. With the help of these, one can connect personal devices to the Internet, within a range of about 30 feet from the wireless devices.
Wireless MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): It builds a connection between several LANs.
Wireless WWAN (World Wide Area Network): It is used to maintain a connection between the devices located in vast areas of cities or countries, using satellites and antennas.
Applications: All mobile phones and computers function on this technology. And there is a broad range of wireless accessories for these systems. For example wireless Bluetooth cameras, wireless fast chargers, wireless Bluetooth speakers, and wireless Bluetooth hands free devices. One can easily purchase these from Awok, where all the integrated wireless technologies are present at reasonable rates.