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Promate Portable Ultra-Fast Dual USB 3A Output 10000mAh Capacity Power Bank

Price: 70 AED
Discount Price: 69 AED
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  • Specifications

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  • Brand: Promate
  • Power Capacity (mAh): 10000

Charge your devices on-the-go with this powerful 10000mAh lithium polymer power bank with dual USB ports: VolTag-10. It features two ultra-fast USB charging ports to charge any USB-chargeable device. VolTag-10 also includes Automatic Voltage Regulation i.e. it provides an optimum output based on the device connected. VolTag-10 is compatible with all smartphones and tablets.


10,000mAh Rechargeable Powerful Battery:
Voltag-10 features a powerful 10000mah Li-polymer power bank. With this new Promate Voltag-10 you can fully enjoy playing your smartphone and tablets on travelling, shopping, camping, etc. even on the longest journeys, you can easily manage before you reach a charging station. The Promate Voltag-10 Power Bank is the ideal companion for your portable smart devices - so don't forget to bring it along on business trips and weekend getaways. This Promate Power Bank really is the perfect travel companion.

Fast Charging Speeds for Smartphones and Tablets:
The Promate Voltag-10 Power Bank features a 2A charging speed which is powerful enough to charge tablets, while also providing a fast charging speed for most smartphones.

Dual Universal USB Ports to Charge USB Compatible Devices:
Almost every gadget today can be charged via USB, making this device a must has for anybody who is always running low on battery on their must have gadgets. The Promate Power Bank can charge mobile phones, tablets, GPS, Bluetooth devices, iPods, MP3 players, handheld game consoles and much more.

Charge 2 Devices Simultaneously:
An Outstanding Feature of This Portable Charger Is That It Includes Two USB Outputs, The First of Which Being A 2A Port and The Second A 1A Port. This Means you can charge 2 Devices at the same time - reducing the overall amount of time you need to wait for your smartphone, tablet or another USB-powered device to be up and running.

Four-Light LED Status:
Thanks to the LED status indicator, you can ensure that you always have an eye on remaining battery power so that you don't run out of power when you least expect it.

Automatic Voltage Regulation:
Voltag-10 Features Smart Charging Circuitry to Provide Your Device with The Perfect Amount of Power for A Quick but Safe Charge

Micro USB Input for Recharging Power Bank:
The Promate Voltag-10 charger features a Micro USB port for recharging the power bank. When your Mobile Power battery runs out of juice, simply connect it up to a powered USB port (mains charger or laptop port, for example) and in no time your Promate Power Bank will be ready to go again.

Superior Quality for Safety:
Top Circuit Protection Chip to Ensure Complete Safety. It Supports Overcharging, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Short-Circuits Protection and Temperature Protection to Protect Your Devices.

Universal Charging Compatibility:
Keep your devices charged on the go with dual USB charging ports. Equipped with built-in led battery indicator. Designed to work with all popular USB powered devices from iPhone to android phones, tablets, photography gear, Bluetooth speakers, headphones and more.
Promate Portable Ultra-Fast Dual USB 3A Output 10000mAh Capacity Power Bank
  • The Promate Portable Ultra-Fast Dual USB 3A Output 10000mAh Capacity Power Bank Power Banks is manufactured by Promate.
  • Buy the Promate Portable Ultra-Fast Dual USB 3A Output 10000mAh Capacity Power Bank at the best price in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The purchased Promate Portable Ultra-Fast Dual USB 3A Output 10000mAh Capacity Power Bank can be delivered to United Arab Emirates.
  • The product/item is Brand New.
  • Buy Promate Portable Ultra-Fast Dual USB 3A Output 10000mAh Capacity Power Bank in United Arab Emirates of AED 69 and save 2%.

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